about shawn

i have been putting off writing just about myself for a while now. i have sat at this page before, staring at the blank screen before me, wondering what to say about myself. part of me thinks what if i write down something about myself today that isn’t so tomorrow? before m and i adopted our son j i might have started this page by telling you in detail about my love of design, how i am a homebody who likes to travel, cook and garden – all of which are still true. but if i was to think about my life in any great detail the first descriptor i would most likely use would be ‘dad’.  it is through that lens that i now see the world – and it has been wonderful.  it is j that makes the worst day worth it and the best day exceptional.  i admire his determination and delight in his daily experiences.  and it has been through him that i have learned that i can do whatever i put my mind too.

back to the homebody that likes to travel.  it does seem like a irreconcilable contradiction but ever since i was 19 and traveled to india for 3 months i can’t seem to stop.  one of our favourite places to escape to is thailand.  disappearing from civilisation, diving off koh pha ngan, laying out in the sun for hours, exploring the metropolis that is Bangkok can recharge me like nothing else.  the food alone is worth the day of travel the journey takes.

and that is where it stands.  gardening, travel, food, design – that is mostly what you will find here, but that doesn’t mean it might not change tomorrow.


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