may garden

for those that like the newness and vigour that spring brings, vancouver might just be your place.  at times spring seems almost never-ending here.  with the micro climates in the city and the relative chill in the higher elevations it is easy to take a half hour drive and find budding tulips weeks after mine have lost their last petals or banana plants that have unfurled their first full leaves well before have shed their sad winter cloak.  despite our mild winter it has been a relatively cool may and while there are some plants that aren’t happy with the chilly night-time temperatures, like my canna, there are others, like my chusan palms, that thrive in the temperate climate we have been enjoying this year.

here are a few shots that i have taken of the garden this week.  i noticed my calla lilies are ready to bloom, i will be sure to post some pictures of that soon.

Attack of the Hanging Basket

Bike in the Garden

Purple Haze


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