welcome back!

cracked pot
i know it has been while since i have written anything or posted any pictures of the garden.  i do apologise, and really i have no excuse other than the usual.  as many of you know, vancouver didn’t have a stellar winter, and even now there are remnants of the destruction (how dramatic) it caused on our gardens.  i still have not replaced the giant cordyline at the front door, and i still see mouldy flax in many people’s yards.  it’s not coming back people, time to move on.  but besides the ugly winter and the spring which just cannot move on – my garden is coming along just fine.  i have created a new wire basket for succulents that i am now searching for.  it will hang over the edge of the concrete in the front garden and will get sun all afternoon.  in the winter i will be able to move the whole enchilada to the greenhouse more easily i was able to move the succulents last fall.  i already have more plants than places to put them and it only may, so there will more ingenuity  on my part to come.

leafy greensmoss on shell

close uphidden mask


One thought on “welcome back!

  1. Hi Shawn, I’m a total stranger but I came across your blog through web search last year when I was entertaining the notion of getting a Musa Basjoo for my patio. Can you please post a pic of how yours have survived after last winter? 🙂

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