winter garden

Hellebore Sparkle

one of the surefire signs that spring is just around the corner is the very early blooming hellebores like these double bloomed pink oriental cultivars in my front garden.  i snapped this picture last night using my tripod.  the twinkle in the background are the white lights that i wrap the trunks of the potted trachycarpus palms in the winter to add a little sparkle to a gray vancouver day.  i have started playing in my greenhouse this month and have planted some seeds, re-potted some tender plants and won my first battle of the year with aphids – and it will not be the last!  in the garden there are more signs of life other than the ultra hardy hellebore blooms – other plants that died out with the december frosts are already peeking their heads out of the ground again.  we shall see if they are punished for their exuberance.

Hellebore at Night


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