summer snippets

there is nothing quite like a sunny day in vancouver. my garden is its happiest when amun ra graces us with his presence. you can practically watch the banana leaves unfurl and the canna reach for the sky. as for my own preference, i can think of nothing better than the sun on my face all day long. this past week i was lucky enough to catch a few sunny days camping in pacific rim national park on vancouver island’s westerly coast. seeing the sunlight filter through the giant trees of the temperate rain forest reflecting off the spanish moss would make even the most ardent city dweller (such as myself) weak in the knees and wonder would it would be like to give up the concrete and fumes for good. though i could never give up the amenities of city life in exchange for a life in the unspoiled wilderness, i am lucky enough to have my own little slice of almost tropical heaven to relax in and enjoy ‘nature’ my own way anytime i wish.


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