away from the garden…

it seems that i have been away from my garden for a longtime – and it’s true! in mid-july we headed back to do some work on our place in toronto – i will not bore you with details, but in short, i hate drywall. the day we returned i was forced to moved all the pots in the front garden away from the fences so they could be powerwashed and painted – and that is how it stands to this day. thanks to my friends d & p the garden was kept well hydrated during my absence and as such the back garden is coming along tickety-boo with the plants being far too full to even consider painting those fences.

the banana plants continue to grow at phenomenal rates and are one of my most favourite plants in the garden. they have opened several new leaves since this photo adding at least a half metre to their overall height. you can see the first year’s growth of the giant cane bamboo – it is magnificent, and i am so glad we installed the rhizome barrier! the gunnera i planted this spring is happily growing ever larger leaves in the planter we built for it and has started really shielding the garden from a neighbouring building.


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