enter the joneses

as any real estate agent will tell you, curb appeal is important. for those of us that live in one of the city’s many townhouses it is our gardens that allow us to express some individuality on this frontier. we are lucky to have several neighbours that sport green thumbs and i really like how different one person’s style is from my own. case-and-point is our neighbours and friends d and p – their garden couldn’t be more different than my own. full of ferns and other shade loving plants, their garden is a cool oasis at anytime of day. with d away on business p is free to play with the garden at his own pace and recently has begun some experimenting with new plants and ideas – i love how a few new plants can completely change a garden. in front a window sees its fair share of light he planted this lovely passion flower, training it to climb a 5′ obelisk. sitting outside the other day i clicked this photo is the day’s waning sunlight.


One thought on “enter the joneses

  1. Hi Shawn,

    I LOVE your photos, your words, and your wit…..

    Any chance you’ll do a set of cards with your photos on them???

    Great seeing you at the centre again….


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