selby street, toronto

last year at this time i was still living in toronto’s downtown core. the backyard really needed some help and we decided to have it totally redone so we could enjoy it for the summer. i designed the decking and fencing to both provide privacy from neighbouring houses and allow us to spend time outside enjoying the relatively short lived, hot sultry summers that toronto is famous for. as with most homes in the area the yards are incredibly small so i decided against any built in planters and focused on giving us as much space as possible for whatever we (or future owners) wanted from this space.

despite being only a block from the constantly busy bloor street our backyard is remarkably quiet. adding this buddha fountain removes any trace of living so close to the action.

the ‘coffee table’ is actually an outdoor dining table that m shortened the legs with a hack saw. it provides plenty of room for food, drinks and an arrangement of plants.

eventually the pergola above the back fence will be covered with vines and provide more privacy and greenery.


5 thoughts on “selby street, toronto

  1. Shawn … what an amazing flare you have ! .. I love the touches of Buddhism .. the fountain is wonderful it emanates thoughtful peace .. everything looks perfect, as if it has always been there exactly as it is.
    What an oasis in the middle of such a hot, busy city in the summer time.
    Beautiful !
    PS Thank you for stopping by my blog : )

  2. That is exactly what I want my roof deck to eventually look like!!! Amazing. You have created a beautiful oasis!!!!

  3. Awesome job. Can I hire you to fix my broken down deck? You did such a beautiful job. I absolutely love it. Why are you selling? I can only imagine how gorgeous your Vancouver back yard is!

  4. Awesome job shawn…wondering why you’d wanna sell it after putting so much heart heart in the decor?!! πŸ™‚ I’d ‘get’ it if i could πŸ˜›

  5. btw, you could hire me as an assistant for (further) such jobs! I ain’t all that bad at such stuff either, you know! πŸ™‚

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