spring entrance

driving our son j to school in the morning isn’t really much of a chore for me. the biggest traffic snaggle is coming around pacific avenue through yaletown but to be honest, it rarely takes me 20 minutes to travel from downtown to point grey. on the drive i am continually on the look out for what is going on in the gardens on the small city lots found throughout the westside and how i could translate that to my even smaller slice of garden-able limited common property. despite what one famed vancouver gardener/plant design guru might say, there are many examples of beautiful gardens throughout the city and plenty to draw inspiration from.

our pug pedro can be seen coming out the front door of the townhouse checking on why j and i hadn’t come inside yet. this ever growing line-up of pots leads up to the front door and gets plenty of sun to grow whatever i like.


3 thoughts on “spring entrance

  1. What gorgeous pictures .. I love the contrast of in and out of focus with the plants .. I wish I could take shots like this. Even the measurement is eye catching .. eye candy ?
    Like your style !

  2. As always, Shawn, your photography is so masterfully done. Is this more than a hobby? My dear man, you have some talent there! Maybe “House and Home” could use you?

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