i realise that i have been absent from my relatively new post in the blogging world so i thought i would just check in. there has been plenty of action at our townhouse since i last wrote. the small back patio underwent some changes with the addition of a cedar deck, more planter boxes and a built in bench. the weather really has not been nice enough to treat it yet, so you will have to wait for less abstract photos of it until it fines up.

in the house there have also been some things that have come together recently. the spare room/office/den is a few steps closer to being ‘finished’ with some new shelves and computer desk as well a fresh coat of paint. it will be a while until any artwork (which still lives on the walls of our toronto house) comes west – but i can live for a while longer without it. the kitchen pantry also went through a bit of a mini face-lift by adding more usable shelving, a bulletin board and a small desk to store the laptop, cell phones and the dreaded catch-all bowl – all behind closed doors, but completely accessible to the main floor. a few more tweaks and i will be able to post some more pictures.

other than building, i have actually been gardening. with the last frost FINALLY out of the way i have had the chance to bring out some more tender succulents and bedding plants – though to be honest i lost a few when i jumped the gun a little in april. the warmer days have also allowed the banana plants to start to unfurl their first leaves of 2008 without the risk of being punished by the frost.

almost time to pick-up j from school. enjoy the moments.


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