this is not fish soup

helleborus-silver-lace-2.jpgwhat a great weekend – m was in town, the weather was terrific and i even got a few chores in the garden done! all weekend i have been dreaming about making a vietnamese fish soup. today i was going to the boats at grandville island marina to see what was caught this morning, take a walk through chinatown to collect dried mushrooms, chillies and lemongrass and then spend the rest of the afternoon in the kitchen experimenting with my soup. i couldn’t believe it when i woke up to find that my dream of a pleasant shop had turned into a wet, snowy errand. the soup would have to wait.

it was mid afternoon when my thoughts again turned to being outside, so with a few breaks in the clouds the memory of the snow was erased and to the garden centres i went. i planted the silver lace helleborus as soon as i got home, but i am still looking for a home for the crested hart’s tongue ferns. they may end up in a pot later this week.




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