ahhh dirt under my nails


there is something freeing about being an adult and playing about in the dirt. it’s still early, but there are things to be done! i always love giving my plants an early spring fertilizer, nothing too heavy as i like fertilize more often with less, but enough to nourish them at this early date. with my bamboo is use a simple grass fertilizer – i cannot wait to see how high the new culms reach – and the bananas i lightly fertilize with something that can be used every time you water. i think i am going to look for something with a higher nitrogen content and see what reaction i get from my nanners with that. with their amazing growth rate at these temperatures i look forward to see what happens when it really warms up. the rest of the garden gets a thin layer of composted manure and a good watering.

there are some days that i am not happy with my magnolia grandiflora victoria – today was not one of them. it seems to have faired the winter better than i thought it might and i look forward to see what happens with it this year.


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