a lawn up high

k, so it’s not really that high – more like the 5th floor, but it’s still pretty cool. when i first looked at this townhouse many years ago it was this urban oasis that really sold me on the property. the crane in the background remind where we are.


i have another friend in town this week, looks like amun-ra has decided to grace us with his presence.



5 thoughts on “a lawn up high

  1. tnx artisticked i have really started experimenting with my camera as of late and am enjoying the results. it is great to be able to see so many other talented individuals, such as you, online and showing your work. 😉

  2. Loving the photographs as of late. You are truly quite talented behind the camera. But, I must add, not as talented as you are in front of the camera! 😉 j/k

  3. I have to ask – is this your roof? How do you manage that? I’ve seen green roofs before, but this looks like straight up turf! Do share please… That’s an amazing shot by the way.

  4. there is a group of townhouses that have been built on the landscaped roof of a 5 story building in downtown vancouver. walking out on the roof is a little surreal, but it has proven a great place for the residents to enjoy our own little park.

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